About Us

Thinking about the worldwide market of tea, from shoddy to the best quality tea, carries a considerable amount of chemicals, and becomes a difficult option to choose tea with more health benefits. To give 100% natural tea without any flavors, chemicals, or preservatives, we (Anish and Abhishek- The founders) are on a pragmatic mission to provide everyone with healthy, tasty, filled solutions to power your body. Drink healthy, live healthy!

Tea is a holistic solution.

Thinking about an uncertain future can be powerfully disturbing, and we do not wish that for our consumers. Our efforts genuinely mean to provide a healthy drink with more benefits with amazing taste for your peachy palate to the people who choose us. We give out an extra hand to keep you healthy with the world’s finest tea leaves. Happy inside is what speaks happily outside; each of our products is dealing with keeping you fresh and energetic. We have tested the effectiveness of each of the products, and it works!

Our Mission-Unwind a new journey of tea

We look towards your healthy future and moreover a healthy environment. Just enjoy the simple things with total power; having a cup of tea in the morning can be a deep meditation. The secret behind a well-balanced and smooth life is having a cup of tea in one hand and an exciting book on the other. Our farmers are well-trained and medically fit to give you the finest quality products. Our hard work is for your betterment.

Our Vision-Tea is the elixir in life.

Many of you were made assured of the natural product but resulted in the box full of chemicals. We are merely asking you to check one of our products at home, we never speak up, but our products do. A cup of tea in the morning is like an inside bath, cleansing and burning the impurities with no mediator, straight from angelic gardens to your cup. These all were made possible by one man. A novel approach to the traditional spices coupled with our best technology, all to put the honor of pure hand-picked teas on the globe, with the homegrown brand.



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